7 Helpful Ways To Boost Your Creativity

1. Find a quiet time and place. Set aside your usual distractions, phone and so on; for a set period of time to focus on creating.

2. Be patient; understand that coming up with new ideas and creating can sometimes be challenging and take time. Resist the urge to switch to a different task. Give patient focus to what you are trying to do.

3. Perfectionism and having a fear of failure can stop you from even trying. Know that your first draft may not be great, however as you continue, your product will improve.



4. Try a non-digital activity like coloring pages or word search puzzles. These are fun relaxed activities that can help boost your creativity.

5. Having time to sleep is important in helping boost your creativity. Sleep is restorative to the brain. If you get tired, learn to rest – not to quit.

6. Self-talk is important, talk positively to yourself. Think “How Can I Achieve This?” rather than “I Cannot Do This”.  Remember, a question opens the mind, while a statement closes the mind.

7. Observe the world around you. Just sit and really look carefully at the things and people around you. Most of the things around us were designed by someone; think about why it was designed that way. Would you design it differently? A different color or shape perhaps? Let your mind’s creativity flow.

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