9 Tips To Having A More Relaxed Day, Whilst Still Getting Things Done

1. Decide what the most important tasks of the day are and work on those first.

2. Visualize your perfect day and what that means to you. Knowing what you want will put you on the path to achieving it.

3. Pick carefully and say no to extra commitments.

4. Limit the number of tasks you aim to do each day, to avoid being over-whelmed.



5. Set aside distraction-free time to focus on your tasks.

6. Slow down and try to do one task at a time.

7. Take time to breathe for a few minutes during your day.

8. Do smaller less important tasks together. Don’t let smaller tasks get in the way of bigger more important tasks.

9. Allow time between tasks. This gives you a chance to rest a little and reset for the next task.

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