All Espresso Drinks Explained: Cappuccino vs Latte vs Flat White and More!

Video Transcript:

All right, so I’m having the first espresso of the day and I’m here at Vecerka in Brno with our friend Tomi, who is a skilled barista and also co-owner of the place we’ll explain prepare and show you all the espresso drinks on the menu, so check it out!


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We’ll break down all espresso drinks into two categories. Black coffee and milk coffee. In black coffee we will talk about Single Espresso, Double Espresso, Americano, Lungo and Filter Coffee.

In milk off we will talk about Macchiato, Cortado or Piccolo, Flat White, Cappuccino and Caffé Latte. The names vary a lot around the world and recipes are not set in a stone but this overview should be a good starting point for you. All right so today we’ll be talking about the coffee.

Most of the coffees that are made on this machine that is espresso machine and we’ll start perhaps with the basic, but the most important one and that’s espresso. So Tomi are you ready? Let’s make Espresso!

I’m ready let’s do it! Single Espresso, Single Shot or just an Espresso is served in a small cup and as you can see there are actually two espresso shots being produced at a time, each from one spout.

The volume is usually around 20 – 30 milliliters or grams because we prefer to weight coffee. In our case it’s 21 grams. It’s a very intense concentrated beverage with a rich taste and smooth structure.

Before you drink it it’s good to stir it so all the layer mix before you taste it. If you want to drink a little more coffee but with the same intensity just order a Double Espresso or Espresso Doppio.

It’s the same recipe the only difference is that barista uses bigger cup usually the one for Cappuccino to capture Espresso shots from both spouts. The benefit is that the price is usually better than if you order two Single Espressos.



Americano is basically a diluted Espressso for those who prefer less intense coffee. You can expect it to be served in a Cappuccino cup. The barista first add around 100 to 120ml of water and then pour an Espresso shot.

Coffee remains the flavor characteristics of Espresso, but the intensity is milder. Lungo is a longer Espresso which you can produce by adjusting the grinder and running a longer shot it’s usually 30 to 40 grams or as Tomi does in Vecerka, by adding extra hot water next to a regular Espresso that the customer dilute to preferred taste.

The last black coffee alternative is Filter Coffee or Batch Brew. It doesn’t really fit this topic since it doesn’t come from an espresso machine but it’s a fine option for somebody who wants to drink a big cup of black coffee. The flavor is usually more refined, less intense and also develops as the coffee cools down.

Okay so now we talked about most of the espresso drinks that are actually black coffee which you combine only with hot water or you drink it straight away as it comes from the machine, but I think in most of the coffee shops and including Vecerka actually most others goes for milk coffees. Is it correct? Yeah, it’s right!

Cappuccino is arguably the most popular coffee drink in the world. It consists of a single shot of Espresso and foamed milk The ratio between these two varies from café to café and depends on the cups of their choice.

Usually cups are around 150 to 200ml what creates a nice balance between coffee and milk. Latte art shows the skills of the barista. The precision of their steaming technique and also can make your day a little bit better.



If you want to taste more coffee your option is Espresso Macchiato It’s served in a small espresso cup where you mix a single shot of Espresso with just a little bit of foamed milk.

The ratio is usually between 1:1 and 1:2. Cortado sometimes also called Piccolo is a small milk Espresso drink often served in a glass cup. It mixes a single shot of Espresso with a foamed milk in 100 to 120ml of cup.

Flat White A very popular Espresso milk drink coming from Australia and New Zealand is called Flat White. It mixes a double shot of Espresso with a foamed milk in a cup for Cappuccino or even smaller. Flat White gives you a bigger kick from Double Espresso and also more coffee flavor.

If you want to drink more milk and less coffee your option is Café Latte. It’s served in a relatively big cups around 300ml and it mixes a single shot of Espresso and foamed milk. Okay, so now we went through all the espresso-based drinks you can order in the coffee shop, so let’s summarize them for you once more.

Espresso is an intense short coffee serving a small espresso cup. In specialty coffee shops you can expect between 20 to 25 grams per espresso shot. Double Espresso is basically two espressos served in one bigger cup.

You should know that some coffee shops serve only Double Espresso. Americano is Espresso diluted with hot water served in a bigger cup.

Lungo is a longer and less intense Espresso, often served with hot water on the side so you can dilute it to your preferred taste. Filter coffee is a black coffee alternative that is not based on Espresso rather you brew it by hand or with the batch brewer.

Espresso Macchiato is the smallest milk espresso  drink served in an espresso cup. The coffee to milk ratio is around 1:2. Cortado is a Single Espresso with foamed milk often served in a glass cup.

The coffee to milk ratio is around 1:4. Flat White is a Double Espresso with foamed milk. The coffee to milk ratio is similar to Cortado, around 1:4, but you get more caffeine and a bigger drink.

Cappuccino is a Single Espresso with foamed milk The coffee to milk ratio is around 1:6 or 1:7. Café Latte is a Single Espresso with foamed milk served in a big cup. The coffee to milk ratio is around 1:14.

Now that you know the basics do you wonder what’s the most popular coffee drinking at Večerka? Based on all the orders this year 32% went to black coffee and 68% went to milk coffee. The most popular black coffee was actually not Espresso, but a Batch Brew with 16%. It was followed by Espresso with a little over 7% and Americano and Doppio got equally around 4%.

When it comes to milk coffees, the clear winner is Cappuccino with over 37% which is actually more than all black coffees combined. Followed by Flat White with 16% and Café Latte with 11%. Both Cortado and Macchiato got between 1 and 2%.

Now we know there are more espresso-based drinks that we didn’t mention, but we have already dedicated videos for drinks like Espresso Tonic or Freddo Espresso, so check them out and we’ll see you in the next video very soon! Thank you! Bye, bye!

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