Build an Unshakeable Belief in Yourself With Autosuggestion

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This week’s video is a bit different. It’s an  extract from my friend Niklas Göke’s new book   called The 4 Minute Millionaire. The book is a collection of 44   short lessons people can read in 4 minutes  a day to make personal finance manageable.


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I read it over Christmas and I chose this lesson  because it applies to more than just personal   finance. You can use it to achieve any goal. So without further ado, here is lesson number 5: Build an unshakeable belief in  yourself with autosuggestion.

After interviewing hundreds of rich people  in the early 1900s, Napoleon Hill concluded   the most important trait they shared was  a strong, unwavering belief in themselves   and their ability to achieve their goals. The technique to develop this belief is as old as mankind itself, even if science has claimed  to have “invented” it many times in history.

One of those times was in Hill’s era. Back  then, psychologists called it “autosuggestion. ”  At its core, autosuggestion is nothing more than a self-directed pep talk: You turn your goals into   self-fulfilling prophecies by telling yourself  you’ll achieve them. In doing so, you feed   your subconscious the confidence to actually pull  them off.



It’s the Placebo effect minus the meds. You can achieve your goals. You can make your  dreams a reality. You must go your own way   and not let anyone interfere with it. Can you feel it? It’s already working.

Your thoughts are shaping your reality. If your teacher called you bad at math   in third grade, chances are you’ve kept  suggesting the idea to yourself ever since. Thus, even if you weren’t before, you  might have actually become bad at math. If you don’t believe you’re good at something,  you’ll never try your hardest.

Why bother? Your subconscious can make you a slacker, but it  can also make you a high performer. People often   point at rich individuals and say: “It’s easy for her to be confident – she’s rich! ” In reality,   a certain degree of confidence isn’t just a  result of success – it’s a requirement for it.



Give yourself pep talks. Do it often. You don’t  have to visualize everything, create a mood board,   or write out a long set of affirmations. You can do those things if you enjoy them,   and they’ll also work, but it’s enough  to simply tell yourself: “I can do this! ” Humans have been doing it for thousands of years.

Use autosuggestion to build the confidence you   need to follow through on the actions  you must take. Somewhere along the way,   your goals will seep into the unconscious part of  your brain, and you’ll automatically align your   decisions with them. Until, one day, you make the  inevitable a reality: You will reach your goals.

Action Item: Come up with a short mantra  to boost your financial confidence  It doesn’t matter if you save it in a  note, make it your phone background, or repeat it five times every morning  after breakfast.

The point is to – somewhat   regularly – reinforce the idea that you deserve  the money you need to live the life you want. That life needn’t be grand, by the way. It’s  okay to stay small. You don’t have to dream of yachts and private planes. Maybe you just want  more vacations, a slightly bigger apartment, or better sleep thanks to a little passive income.

Whatever final goal you have, the words of   encouragement you dream of hearing more often  from others along the way are, ultimately, your   own gift to give. “I can earn $100,000. ” “I am in  control of my finances. ” “I deserve to be rich. ”  Take your pick, write it down, and revisit it  on occasion. Give yourself the gift of words.

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