Law of Attraction Doesn't Have To Be Hard:
7 Tips to Manifest Anything You Want

1. Energy & Vibration

Your energy and vibration are what set the tone for your creating. ‘Like Attracts Like’. If you are vibrating high; you are emitting love, happiness and fulfillment. If you are vibrating low, you are emitting anger, sadness and despair. Therefore we must always be aware of the energy we are carrying. Take a few moments in your day to pause and re-calibrate, “Am I vibrating/ feeling at the level that I want manifest?” Find things that inspire you and make you feel better.

2. Refresh

Let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs. Let go of things, people, and ideas that no longer serve you. It is difficult to manifest something fresh, beautiful and new, when we are holding on to the old. Allow yourself to move forward and leave the past behind.

3. Gratitude

Show appreciation for everything and everyone in your life. Gratitude is one of the things we often overlook; however it is one of the most important steps in manifesting. So if you think for example, “I don’t like my car”, from there you will go in the wrong direction and just get more of what you don’t want. When you show appreciation for the things you already have; doors open for receiving more good.

4. Visualize

You have to imagine what you want to attract, what you desire. Your thoughts and visions have a creative force behind them and it is important to get a clear picture of what you want to manifest into your life. Be clear in your mind about what you want. The universe is waiting to help you create it! Visualize it as if it is now, like it has already happened.


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5. Believe

Free yourself from thoughts and fears that you cannot have what you long for. Believe that without a doubt you can have whatever your heart desires. It is much easier to go with the flow than to go against the flow. To achieve this, you need to stop thinking analytically and start feeling with your heart. Be more heart-centered. It is time to make big dreams come true. It is time for you to manifest the life you have always wanted to live.

6. Affirmations

When you affirm something, you are actually acknowledging that it is genuine. By repeating affirmations you are setting an intention for the universe to fulfill your desire. Daily repetition allows you to intentionally create your future.

7. Receive

“Ask and You Shall Receive”. Be open to receiving what you want and know that you deserve to receive it. This will open the door to abundance and allow you to quickly manifest with ease.

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