Micro-Workouts 7-Day Goal Challenge For Cardio Fitness


  • 7-Days of Micro-Workouts.
  • Includes 2 Planner Types:
    • Pre-Filled Boxes.
    • Blank Boxes.
  • Print-Ready PDF Format.
  • Instant Download After Purchase.
  • Re-Print As Many Times As You Like!
    • Or You Can Laminate For Easy Re-Use.
    • Or You Can Use On Your Computer or Mobile Device With a PDF Annotator App.
  • Learn More About Micro-Workouts & Read FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions here.

Product Description: Are you looking to start a seven day goal challenge to get your fitness level up and your body into shape? Look no further! This 7-Day Goal Challenge For Cardio Fitness is the perfect tool to get you started on your fitness journey. This planner has been specifically designed with the cardiovascular system in mind, giving you the most efficient and effective way to jump-start results within seven days.

The 7-Day Goal Challenge For Cardio Fitness is the perfect tool for anyone looking to get in shape and achieve their improved fitness. This planner is designed to help you set and reach your fitness goals in just seven days, with a focus on strengthening and improving the fitness of your cardiovascular system.

This Planner Includes:
✅ Daily Goals Set For You (Planner Sheet 1)
✅ Daily Goals You Can Set Yourself (Planner Sheet 2)
✅ Easy Progress Tracking Visuals
✅ Daily Micro-Workouts

Each day of the goal challenge is designed to be easy and convenient, with micro-workouts that take less than 2-minutes each. These workouts are designed to be quick and effective, so you can fit them into your busy schedule without sacrificing your other commitments. Works great even on lazy days 😊.

Also the 7-Day Goal Challenge For Cardio Fitness isn’t just about the micro-workouts. It also includes a daily tracker for each set of micro-workouts to help you stay motivated and on track. You’ll be able to see your progress each day, which can be a great way to stay motivated and stay focused on your goals.

Overall, the 7-Day Goal Challenge For Cardio Fitness is the perfect tool for anyone looking to get in shape and achieve their dream body. With its focus on quick and effective micro-workouts and daily tracking, it’s the perfect way to stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals.

Don’t wait any longer to get the fitness level up of your dreams! Get our 7-Day Goal Challenge For Cardio Fitness today and start your fitness journey!



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