17 Affirmations for Prosperity Consciousness to Start Your Day

1. I Am Enough.

2. I Have a Beautiful Heart and Soul.

3. I Am in the Right Place, at the Right Time, Doing the Right Thing.

4. I Choose to Find the Positive in Difficult Situations.

5. Any Negatives in My Past is not a Reflection of My Future.

6. I Attract Money Easily into my Life.

7. I am In Charge of How I Feel.

8. I am Strong, Confident and Motivated.

9. Positivity is a Choice I Choose to Make.



10. I am Worthy of All the Good Things That Happen in My Life.

11. My Life is a Gift and I Appreciate Everything I Have.

12. I Celebrate My Achievements, No Matter How Small.

13. I am Lovable.

14. I Deserve Good Things.

15. I am Stronger than Any of My Problems.

16. I Choose Peace.

17. I Believe in Myself.

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